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VietWow Update 10-03-2019

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  • 10-03-2019
1 Số cập nhật cho Server vào rạng sáng ngày 10-03-2019
  • Core/Battleground: Refactore bg packet sys
  • Core/BattleGroundPackets: Update PlayerCliBattlefieldPort and fix some invalid reads + packet writes + cleanup
  • Core/Spell: Fix angelic bulwark
  • Core/Spell: Fix multiple cooldown issues
  • Core/GuildPackets: Fix Guild emblems. (Refactor CMSG_SAVE_GUILD_EMBLEM, SMSG_QUERY_GUILD_INFO_RESPONSE) 
  • Core/Spell: Fix PoM
  • Core/Spell: AoE spells can hit invisible targets.
  • Core/Spell: Rewrite some trash code and fix stunning stealthed target with spell like shockwave/slow with blizzard
  • Core/BattleGround: Fix BG queue not removing clientside
  • Core/MiscPackets: Fix SMSG_INIT_WORLD_STATES
  • Core/Taxi: Update packet
  • Optimize item loading
  • Core/BGPackets: Fix SMSG_PVP_LOG_DATA
  • Core/Spell: Charge improvements, remove some hacks
  • Scripts/Spells: Thonks Spyglass 
  • More movement cleanup & smart events for Vehicle exiting & exit request - TODO FIX SMOOTH WAYPOINTS FOR SAI!
  • Fix crash and rewrite ClientBattlegroundPlayerPositions
  • Core/Script: Update Boss Liu FlameHeart
  • Core/Spell: Fix dk rune, will fix plague leech and blood tap
  • Core/Spell: Lock and load can't proc off of explosive trap