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Vietwow Update 06 - 2021 ( MoP ): Part 1

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  • 06-06-2021
Vietwow Update 06 - 2021 ( MoP ): Part 1

- Fixed Xuen the White Tigger, now keep the action bar and learn to provoke only if the caster is Brewmaster
- Fixed Zen Pilgrimage, now is removed afterlife from Peak of Serenity
- Fixed Chi Torpedo Talent, now heal an ally
- Fixed Glyph of First of Fury, now parry all attack when the caster cast fist of fury
- Fixed taxi fly in Zoram'gar Outpost and Splintertree Post
- Fixed Highwind Albatross now can be taken in Timeless Isle
- Fixed creature Scarlet Monastery with the wrong level in challenge difficulty
- Improve Auction System, identified which notification is for the sold item or for expired mail, increase to uint64 size money handle, use an async query for delete, show dynamic modifiers in item showed and create a multi-thread way for improving performance
- Implement the Glyph of Inquisition now when you land a killing blow on an opponent that yields experience or honor, the duration of your Inquisition is increased by 30 sec.
- Fixed Glyph Of Bladed Judgment now the aura going to be applied only if have the glyph
- Shared/Database: Fix transactions not being recommitted on dead-lock error
- Fixed Soothsaying for Dummies now can remove the profession spec from the book in Tanaris
- Fixed Divine Plea now causes the Paladin to regenerate mana equal to 135% of Spirit (excluding short-duration Spirit bonuses) every 3 sec for 9s. Total mana gained will never be less than 12% of the caster's maximum mana.
- Fixed Innervate now don`t go to count temporal buff with spirits calculation
- Fixed Mana Tide now don`t go to count temporal buff with spirits calculation
- Fixed Repentance now don`t go to be removed with HOT
- Fixed Calculation of Execution Sentence Healing Effect and add mastery for paladin Holy when casting Execution Sentence
- Fixed Seal of Insight does not add mana since patch 5.4
- Fixed fishing, now going to calculate well the water position
- Fixed duplicate spawn of Luker Below Boss, now going to fight against only one
- Fixed Rapid Renew now going to heal the right value
- Fixed Body and Soul with Divine Insight and Fixed Rapture with Divine Insight, now have the same effect as when having power word shield
- Fixed divine Aegis, now have a cap of 40% of the max hp and is calculated well
- Set the limit of Divine Aegis through Atonement in 40% of the max health of the caster
- Fixed Atonement critical with Divine Aegis now the heal of the Atonement when is critical don`t multiply the heal amount x2 only add the shield
- Fixed double amount of shield when Divine Aegis is cast by Atonement
- Fix proc of Divine Aegis, now only going to proc with a critical hit
- Core/Spell: Fix Priest T16 Healer - 4P bonus
- Core/Spell: Prevent death shroud (t16 4p DPS DK ) reset duration to default when unholy Strenght proc
- Fix correct proc flag and ppm for those trinkets:
+ Talisman of Bloodlust
+ Primordius' Talisman of Rage
+ Stolen Relic of Zuldazar
+ Gaze of the Twins