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VietWow Mop Update 11/02/2021

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  • 11-02-2021
Những cập nhật mới dành cho server: Fix bug và thay đổi nhỏ

- Core/Spell: Paladin T16 Retri - Do not remove both Divine Purpose and Divine Crusader aura at the same time
- Core/Spell: Rogue T16 2p bonus. Remove aura if the ability is generating combo point
- Core/Spell: T16 Rogue 2P bonus. 1 stack reduces the energy cost by 15 as Combat, 6 as Assassination, and 2 as Subtlety.
- Core/Spell: T16 Mage 2p Bonus. Stop make this proc in the wrong way
- Core/Spell: Handle T16 Mage 2p bonus - frost spec && Clean up
- [SoO/FallenProtectors] fixed spell corruption shock now players can interrupt it
- Fixed Stone Bulwark Totem exploit, now can´t be used in the preparation of the arena or battleground
- [SoO/FallenProtectos] attempt to fix door issue
- Core/Spell: Fixed Mage T16 2P bonus - Fire
- Core/Spell: Fixed Mage T16 2P Bonus - Arcane
- Update battleground probability now have the next priority

Kotmogu-DeepwingGeorge > Silvershard Mine > Warsong Gulch - Arathi Basin - Eye of The Storm - Twin Peaks - The Battle for Gilneas > Others Battleground
- Fixed Call to Arms: Deepwind Gorge and Call to Arms: Silvershard Mines
- Fixed show position of player with the orb in Battleground Kotmogu
- Fixed disable Battleground feature now the case where a battleground is running don´t go to call a player with the battleground disabled
- Fixed Summon Race Flag now can´t be cast into battleground or arenas
- Fixed exploit of Heroism and Time Warp now can`t be stacked
- Fixed Glyph of Devotion Aura now don´t go to add the aura to all player in the group when the caster has the glyph
- Fixed logic with TARGET_UNIT_CASTER_AREA_RAID now going to work all script of the area selected
- Core/Spell: Fixed Mage T16 4p bonus - Frost/Fire spec
- Core/Spell: Fixed Keg Smash damage. Close #88
- Core/Spell: Add extra check-in Bloodlust, Heroism, Timewarp..etc to prevent having multiple that type of buff at the same time
- Core/Spell: Rewrite Soul Leech Talent. Now it will give shield stack correctly
- Core/Spell: Fix T16 Druid Guardian 2p and 4p bonus
- Core/Spell: Update T15 Druid Guardian 2p bonus. Now will consume improved regeneration stack
- Fixed swap subgroup now from the raid interface can swap groups
- Core/Item: Fix Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth proc condition
- Fix Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia multistrike proc chance
- Core/Spell: Fix multistrike dmg version proc flag and condition.
- Core/Spell: Perfect Aim does not affect shadow word pain
- Core/Spell: Rogue Combat Mastery should proc on Shadow Blade also
- [SoO/Protectors] fixed measures issue on boss He and Rook