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Vietwow Mists of Pandaria update 17/01/2021

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  • 17-01-2021
Những fix / update cho Vietwow mist of pandaria 17/01/2021

- Rework item spec logic, fixed  [Timeless Leather Armor Cache] now give for a hunter the right item

- Fixed Flying Carpet, Frosty Flying Carpet and Magnificent Flying Carpet now can't be used if the player don´t have the right value of skill

- Implement dynamic quest reward, now lot of quest have a reward dynamic by class

- Archaeology: Show research sites on now allowed maps

- Fixed weekcap calculation, now going to be calculated only one time by week, when the cap is reseted

- Fixed NPC Rare_Evermaw 

- Fixed Object Gleaming Crane Statue

- Fixed case of quest dynamic reward where the item are not be chosed well:
Fixed quest that need to have hiden the item Reward
Fixed show the dynamic reward when going to take the Quest
Fixed send the reward ui when the player complete a quest with auto submit condition, now this kind of quest can be rewarded without need to go to the quest giver

- Update zone: Timeless
- Fix quest: Quest_Spellbound_32264
- Fixed: Quest_Bolstering the Defenses_32288.
- Fixed: graveyard_Guo_Lai
- Update : spell crane wings , object gleaming_crane_statue_ti
- Fix quest: Quest_Gauging Our Progress_30484
- Fix Quest_Li Li's Day Off_29950
- Fix Quest_Challenge Accepted_30515
- Rework reputation: Black Prince