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Update đã về server nhưng chưa cho lên Live Server từ 08/2021 cho tới 11/2021

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  • 08-11-2021
Update nhanh về tình hình server :D

Thực sự là có nhiều Update mà player xem sẽ không hiểu gì nên mình sẽ chỉ lọc các update liên quan đến  những gì mà player dễ hiểu nhất có thể:



- Fixed Argent Squire and Gruntling for change faction, now when you learn one of they the player learn the other too
- Fix boss Northrend Beast ( Trial of the Crusader )
- Fixed issue in guild finder that not create well the request information
- Core/Guilds: implement weekly bonus money packet field in guild bank queries
- Force caster to track the target with spell with the attribute SPELL_ATTR1_CHANNEL_TRACK_TARGET
- Fixed Wise Mari mechanic Wash Away
- Core/Movement: Prevent rooted units from falling
- Core/Vehicles: Fix accessories disappearing on reset
- Core/Unit: Improve Glancing Blow calculation
- Fix all reported bug for Raid Heart of Fear
- Fixed put in cage battle pet mechanic, now show the right icon and stats
- Fix group movement with Random Movement Generator
- Fixed weaponmaster warrior glyph
- Improve code of Dragon Soul, fixed cosmetic issue with siege battle
- Core/Spells: Hotfix (2013-09-13): Incinerate and Conflagrate now has a 15% chance to generate an additional Burning Ember
- Core/Spells: Fixed Warlock passive spell Decimation, now Molten Core is properly triggered by Soul Fire on Metamorphosis form
- Core/Spells: Fixed Warrior Staggering Shout, now only affects snared targets
- Core/Spells: Fixed "Glyph of Ember Tap", now is properly benefited from mastery; and removed hacky codes related to "Mastery Emberstorm" and "Ember Tap"
- Core/Spells: Fixed "Glyph of Imp Swarm", now Imp Swarm's cooldown is reduced by spell haste
- Core/Spells: Fixed "Glyph of Dark Apotheosis", now Mastery affects "Dark Apotheosis" physical damage reduction
- Core/Spells: Implemented "Glyph Of Gateway Attunement"
- Core/Spells: Fixed "Harvest Life" damage bonus
- Core/Spells: Now "Blood Horror" will persist even if the target receives direct damage
- Core/Spells: Fixed Grimoire of Sacrifice tooltip, now displays correct one for every spec
- Core/Spells: Fixed Felstorm demonic fury generation
- Core / Spells: Fixed double Demon Fury consumption from Immolation Aura (Metamorphosis)
- Core/Spells: Applied Felstorm demonic fury generation fix for Wrathstorm too
- Core / Spells: Fixed double Demon Fury consumption from Drain Life while on metamorphosis form
- Core / Spells: Fixed Fel Flame damage increase with Grimoire of Sacrifice
- Core / Spells: Summoning Abyssal with Codex of Xerrath will now correctly cast Immolation spell
- Core / Spells: Now Incinerate and Conflagrate from Fire and Brimstone will properly generate burning embers on every hit
- Core / Spells: Now Dark Apotheosis will properly override Twilight Ward with Fury Ward
- Core/Spells: Now damage from Pet to Owner or vice versa will not trigger Battle Fatigue (See Cauterize Master)
- Fix Raid frame swap member doesn't save on close

- Fix Quests:
+ Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal!
+ As Hyjal Burns
+ Protect the World Tree
+ Flames from Above
+ .vv.vv.. Về cơ bản là fix kha khá quest ở zone Mount Hyjal để các bạn leveling ko có vấn đề gì, nhiều quest quá nên mình lười ghi ra

- Fix NPC: Shan'ze Serpentbinder

Danh sách trên chiếm khoảng 15% trong số update mà server đã nhận về, 85% còn lại thuộc về phía hệ thống.
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